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Our Executive Coaching consists of a strategic, personal alliance with the executive and has as  sole objective to extend his/her reach and to unleash his/her full potential. Our main aim is to increase the client’s awareness of self, others and the systems in which they find themselves so that new, powerful and effective actions are available that are more aligned with the concerns and objectives of the organisation. Therefore we apply a highly personalised approach.

Following a successful chemistry meeting clients usually commit to work with us for an initial period (of 3 to 6 months). In the discovery session the coach will co-design the relationship and grant it power. We may consider customised assessments to lock in mutual objectives.

For the on-going coaching we recommend to meet regularly, possible weekly, to sustain that all important momentum. The number and the extent can obviously be changed to meet the time requirements of each client. To best facilitate this process a combination of media can be considered (such as in-person, by telephone or video-phone complemented by on-line contacts). On-site observation or shadowing can be included in the assessment or the coaching phase.

Next to our one-on-one approach the support of our coaching team is often also called for in board rooms or management team interventions, such as facilitation of strategic discussions, or board alignment, allowing more optimal cascading through the organisation.

Whatever occurs between the client and our executive coaches will stay strictly confidential.