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Career Transition Coaching

You feel you should be promoted within your organisation or you are stuck and are consider to leave. Or your career has ended abruptly and you can’t figure our how to move on. You are looking for an acceleration of your strategy for developing and successfully achieving a fulfilling job search, a smooth transition and ‘on-boarding’ into a new job and/or organisation.

Ex-Pat Coaching

Your assignment abroad is an amazing opportunity for growth as a leader. For the ex-patriate, questions and challenges often arise and develop only after the move to the host country. Also and especially in your changing living environment your personal and family issues will affect your performance. A sense of balance will also help the family to embrace the experience under all circumstances.

Life-Cycle Coaching

Today we think of retirement as a new beginning – rejuvenation. It is actually the beginning of a new career/life stage, a time to let go, move on, learn and adapt to inevitable change. When approaching retirement or any change of direction, it requires the same process as you would go through with a career change. This is the time to look at all your options and discover what it is you really want.