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Leadership Coaching - Outcomes

The payoff of Leadership Coaching for you individually as well as for the organisation will depend strongly on your own needs. However we can share some feedback of others clients on the impact the coaching experience has had on them.

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  Feedback from individuals.

  1. achieved results with higher fulfillment

  2. sustainable behaviour change and stronger leadership style

  3. more creative solutions to tough problems

  4. stronger and more open relationships with peers, direct reports, boss and other stakeholders

  5. higher self-awareness of competenties, balance, meaning and purpose

  6. alignment of personal and professional aspirations

  7. better grip on career path

  8. healthier work/career balance

  9. Joy of being held fully capable during the process.

  Feedback from sponsoring organisations.

  1. stronger communication between leaders and teams

  2. higher cooperation between departments

  3. stronger ownership of key employees

  4. higher retention of valuable leaders and staff and reduced cost of turnover

  5. positive impact on top and/or bottom line

  6. joy of support of the executive coaching team that co-creates the long-term success of the organisation.