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Leadership Coaching - Approach

We support your sustainable change.

Our Leadership Coaching approach is more than a short term quick fix. Our Inner Leadership methodology gets to the bottom of the challenges and the essence of our clients in order to integrate the desired changes and support them over time.

Our approach involves a highly co-active, one-on-one, confidential, supportive process. In our mutually designed coaching relationship we create the safe space that helps our clients identify their (outer and inner) coaching agenda, including opportunities and actions to reach specific measurable outcomes.

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A mutually designed relationship.

Following a successful chemistry meeting clients usually commit to work with us for an initial period (of 3 to 6 months). To sustain that all important momentum we recommend to meet   regularly, possible weekly. The number and the extent can be obviously changed to meet the time requirements of each client. To best facilitate this process a combination of media can being considered (such as sessions in-person, by telephone or video-phone complemented by on-line contacts).

A leadership coaching programme will start with a discovery session to jumpstart the process. In function of the desired outcomes we may consider customised assessments, research-based psychometric profiles and interpersonal methodologies to eventually lock in our mutual goals.