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What we promise.

Our promise to you.

Independently of the form of coaching you prefer (as individual or team), you can count on our coaches to:

  1. be open for your aspiration in work (and life)

  2. be as committed as you are to what you want from work (and life)

  3. listen without judgement and allow you to be your full self

  4. to accept you as you are

  5. to always be authentic and honest

  6. to leverage you beyond your obstacles

  7. to hold you accountable and to forward the action towards your goals

  8. to keep all communication strictly confidential

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Our focus is entirely on you.

  1. Focus on your growth and learning - tapping into new resources, expanding the range of possibilities and strengthening of the change muscles.

  2. Focus on your creation of sustainable change - development of greater personal, professional or team effectiveness.

  3. Focus on your action towards your goals - forwarding the action you determine yourself.

Behind the scenes.

We have a commitment to lifelong learning similar to you. Behind the scenes we devote a lot  of time to our own professional development as this will keep us at the top of our game to  add the most possible value to our clients. Our coaching skills are being independently assessed according to international ICF-standards.