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We are pleased to share some testimonials of leaders and teams who have experienced our coaching services. We also respect the privacy of our clients though and understand that not everybody is keen to feature on a public website. If you are interested in hearing more about the difference coaching has made to these clients or others, please contact us so that we can link you up with them.

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“It's truly amazing how my leadership coach could lead me straight to the inner part of myself. It was surprising to notice how soon I reconnected with my values and started looking at events in a new light. I will benefit from these learnings for the rest of my life.”

Marco Monti, Marketing Manager (Reckitt-Benckiser - Italy)

“I hired my executive coach in early 2009 at the start of my second year running my own business. I was keen to continue my personal development and curious about coaching, but remained open minded about how effective working with a coach would be. It has been a fascinating and valuable experience – My coach is very insightful, purposeful and practical and has a real passion for getting you to discover and fulfill your potential. He also has a great sense of fun which made our sessions highly enjoyable as well as energising and enlightening. With his guidance I have uncovered valuable insights that have enabled me to work ‘at my best’ more consistently, with more focus…and have a bit more fun as I do it too! It is a pleasure to recommend him to others.”

Helen Landau, Business Owner (Landau CIQ - France)

“My history with my executive and team coach goes back a few year already. So, we know each other quite well. Recently, I hired him to help me and my team on two different occasions. One project was leadership coaching of my team and the other occasion was to run a coaching workshop with our team. The results were fantastic!  He was outstanding in what he was doing because he has got three key strengths: first and foremost he has the best empathy out of all people I have ever met in business. He simply operates on different level; secondly he can create an immediate "click" with people no matter what sex, age, religion, business seniority or personal character; and lastly he is an outstanding listener. And I would almost forget - he is honest, motivating and great fun.”

Tomas Tarcala, Marketing Director (Reckitt-Benckiser - Italy)

“My leadership coach has been a fantastic asset in helping me refocus on my values and what I would like to achieve professionally and personally. He was a very good listener and patient but at the same time very assertive and results driven. I highly recommend the career coaching services if you really want to build your own path and if you are prepared to put your mind and energy to it.”

Hervé Bullot, Associate Director (Johnson & Johnson - U.K.)

"I guess I can say I work in a highly competitive environment as senior marketeer in the detergents market and also as sole women amongst my peers. One of the challenges I faced was finding that balance between my genuine leadership style and the more common 'male' style of my environment. With my leadership coach I was able to unlock a belief that I couldn't behave in a certain way to stay ahead. I have learned to appreciate my unique style and to 'inspire' from there. Thanks to the weekly coaching momentum (a drill I truly enjoyed) I was able to own my new skills in no time."

Isabelle Garcia, Marketing Manager (Reckitt-Benckiser - Italy)

“The coaching programme with my leadership coach was an enjoyable and rich experience. The system of weekly phone coaching sessions helped me to stay vigilant and alert. I have gained more self-awareness and have learned my leadership style, as well as what drives me and stops me to become a better manager/coach. By being ‘pushed’ out of my comfort zone I forced myself to experience engrained habits and explore new ones. I realize that this journey has changed me significantly and lastingly and strengthened me as a leader.”

Tania Ceuppens, Marketing Manager (Lotus Bakeries - Belgium)

“I discovered Innerra’s coaching in 2008 when I needed a listening ear, some mental support and some business coaching in my professional challenges. Since then I have become a very regular user of their services for myself and my teams.

Without exaggerating I can state that my awareness of myself as a business leader as well as my overall impact on others has grown tremendously and has led me to become a more complete executive.

The way to our success has sometimes been quite roller-coaster and with regards of my executive-team I can say that we managed to raise our game thanks to that essential ‘we-ness’ that has been formed and shaped by Innerra’s continuous team coaching interventions. 

This is the first time ever I write a testimonial simply because Innerra’s support has clearly lifted me and my teams to a different level and because I see it as a privilege to have been working with them. Therefor the Konings group will continue to count on their support for many more successful years to come.”

Jos Rutten, CEO (Konings N.V - Belgium)

“There are moments in life when you know that changes are pending or overdue, but you keep business as usual or dig your head into the sand. I found myself in such a situation when I was proposed the support of my leadership coach. I found my coaching experience very enlightening. It started by creating a trustful communication with a great chemistry, to then slowly refining the essence of what I really wanted for myself, going way beyond my own false solutions or traps. My coach was a mirror to me, reflecting myself within my environment in a totally new perspective, or he was tackling with me any short term issues that were disturbing obstacles on my journey. He has always been a great defender of the commitments I made to myself, in a very supportive, objective and positive way. I always felt exhausted after each of our weekly sessions, like after an intense sport activity, and I had a great feeling of clarity and transparency at the same time. I am really grateful for this chance I have had to invest in myself, in my life and my future.”

Alain Brichard, Partner Manager/Engineer (Mobistar - Belgium)



“The sessions with our team coach have been very stimulating and dynamic indeed. In a very dedicated and inviting way the team coach has managed to get the teams out of their comfort zone and to stretch them towards new possibilities and perspectives and all this with great respect for each individual’s sensitivities.”

Christian Decoster, Director-General (Federal Food Service Health - Belgium)

“I hired our coach to facilitate a team coaching process for a global marketing team I am heading. I am delighted with the results so far. The workshop managed to establish a new level of trust among team members, an essential precondition for delivering better performance as well as a more rewarding work environment. A concrete action plan is now at implementation stage, which will again be guided by our coach. He has a great ability to challenge people, and inspire with his clarity of thought and positivity. For an executive like me, it was particularly valuable that he has a lot of relevant, relatable practical experience that he can bring into the coaching process.”

Hartwin Feddersen, Global Marketing Director (Arla Foods - Denmark)

“Our Management Team has recently been involved in several international M&A and restructuring efforts. In order to help us redefine our identity as a management team we hired the support of Innerra’s Team Coaches. Their thorough system approach consisted of diagnostics, off-site and follow-up sessions and has been revealing exactly what productivity and positivity strengths could be leveraged within our team. Next to the strong team mindset we experienced as an outcome we have also agreed concrete actions to install our new way of working. The executive experience of our team coaches guaranteed an instant rapport with the diversity of our senior team.”

Alain Bovée, Business Unit Director (Pfizer - Belgium)

"I have had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Patrick and his partner Anna, the Innerra-team, in the frame of Pfizer's Diversity and Inclusion initiative I am chairing for Belgium. Because of their business approach to D&I the Innerra-team has been hired as our coaching partner. They have developed an extensive “à la carte”-program for our individuals and teams. With great energy and professional passion they have run a large group system coaching at our national kick-off event and more specific team coaching sessions for one of our leadership teams. This resulted in a strong engagement and commitment of our audience and our leadership to this important Pfizer-initiative. We look forward to the continuation of our collaboration with a similar inspirational drive.”

Laurence Einsweiler, Legal Affairs Director / Chair of the D&I-team (Pfizer - Belgium)

“I had the pleasure of half a year of executive coaching with Patrick and I´m deeply impressed by the results achieved over that time. We touched base on values, motivations, drivers and personal mission. Patrick really manages in a natural and professional way to lift you up to the next level of understanding and acting. Thank you for this highly valuable experience, it will truly change my life !”

Mike Kosub, General Manager Category Development Europe (Freudenberg - Germany)