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About Us

We are an executive coaching team that believes that everybody can and has a duty to lead. Although leadership is a universal need, we are particularly motivated and skilled to help senior managers, executives and teams to rise to their challenges and to raise their game.

We also want for our clients that a relationship with our executive coaches is a valorising, enjoyable experiencing as well as stretching and stimulating. We take it as our job to help clients succeed. Therefore we will apply all our expertise and skill to their individual circumstances, co-own no other than their agenda and design our contribution accordingly. We will have an unconditional positive regard for the client as the basis for our relationship of trust.

About us
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Did you know?


It is the old English word for INNER and it means: ‘situated inside, further in’ as well as ‘mental or spiritual’...

Red ‘R’ looking back ?

Before you look ahead, we first want you to step back and look inside... Inner leadership leads to outer greatness !

Because our coaches have held senior positions themselves, they know what it is to lead and work in organisations. They will be there for the client as a sounding board, to challenge thinking, to inspire and stimulate creativity, to provide tools and techniques, to give encouragement and build confidence. Last but not least they will help our clients to reveal their “inner leader” that will eventually drive their outer greatness in their workplace and life.

Our coaching is an investment in the client’s own capacity that pays back year after year after year...